The ‘About Us’ Cinema Food Prices section of a website is a highly informative element which offers users an insight into the monetary implications of cinema food offerings.

By providing information about the cost of snacks and other items available for purchase, visitors are enabled to make an informed decision about whether or not they wish to avail themselves of such services. Concluding Thoughts on the Impact of Cinema Food Prices

The cost of a cinema visit is not insignificant and, as such, visitors expect high quality food which is well prepared.

This is an area where cinemas are struggling to compete with the home experience. The results from this study suggest that cinemas should consider the following: • Keep it simple.

The majority of cinema food offerings are not matched to the occasion. This is particularly true in relation to beverage options. In most instances, one or two options will be sufficient to meet customer needs and help maintain a high standard of quality.

Use quality ingredients where possible. A cinema is an environment that is familiar to customers and they like to know what they can expect.

This includes the food and beverage offerings. Cinema operators are well aware of the fact that regular customers will want the same products they have experienced in previous visits.