Studio Movie Grill is one of the most renowned dine-in movie theaters in the United States.

Its luxurious atmosphere and outstanding customer service are only surpassed by its remarkable menu, which offers an impressive selection of gourmet dishes.

From traditional popcorn and candy to savory entrees, the Studio Movie Grill menu provides something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a snack or a full meal, you’ll find it here.

Here are The Studio Movie Grill Menu 2023:

Menu Item Price
Gourmet Popcorn (small) $4.00
Gourmet Popcorn (medium) $6.00
Gourmet Popcorn (large) $7.00
+ Dill Spice $2.00
Edamame $8.00
Soft Pretzel Bites $8.00
South-Of-The-Border Dip $8.00
+ Queso or Guac $3.00
Ballpark Chicken Nachos $10.00
+ Hickory-smoked Brisket $4.00
Cheddar Cheese Fries $11.00
Crispy Potato Skins $11.00
Hummus Plate $11.00
+ Grilled Chicken $3.00
Heirloom Tomato Avocado Toast $13.00
Awesome Crispy Wings $13.00
South-Of-The-Border Fajita Chicken $15.00
Not-So-Classic Chopped Wedge $15.00
Classic Chicken Caesar $15.00
Tempura Fish & Chips $14.00
Coconut Chicken Tenders $13.00
Crispy Chicken Tender Bites $13.00
Southwest Quesadilla $10.00
Macaroni & Cheese $13.00
Asian Bento Box $16.00
Steak & Bleu Cheese Lunch Box $15.00
Sesame-Seared Ahi Tuna Bowl $16.00
Mediterranean Chicken Bowl $15.00
Sriracha Chicken Sliders $14.00
Three-Cheese Burger Sliders $14.00
The Megaplex Burger $14.00
BBQ Bacon Chedder Burger $14.00
The California Burger $14.00
Classic American Burger $12.00
Smokehouse Barbecue Ribs $15.00
Pretzel-Wrapped Hot Dog $11.00
Margherita Flatbread $13.00
Fire-Charred Garden Vegetable Flatbread $13.00
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Flatbead $13.00
Sweet Barbecue-Glazed Blackened Chicken Pizza $14.00
Meat-Eater Pizza $14.00
Kids Menu
Crispy Chicken Tenders $10.00
Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza $10.00
Mini Cheeseburger $10.00
Mac & Cheese $10.00
Ice Cream Sundae $4.00
Brownie Sundae $7.00
Chocolate Beignets $7.00
Frozen Hot Chocolate $7.00
Cookies $7.00
Ice Cream Sundae $7.00
Ice Cream Milkshakes $7.00
Theater Treats (candy) $5.45
Spiked Shakes
The Stillhouse $11.00
Mudslide $11.00
Caramel Macchiato $11.00
Monday Special
House Margaritas $5.00
Tuesday Special
Draft Beer $5.00
Tickets $5.00
Select Apps $5.00
Wednesday Special
Glasses of Wine (select) $5.00
All-You-Can-Eat-Pizza $12.00
Thursday Special
Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam $5.00
Desserts $5.00
Friday & Saturday Special
Wine Bottles 25% Off
Sunday Special
Glass of Wine (select) $5.00
Ice Cream Sundae $5.00

**Please contact your local theater for accurate information

Popular Food On The Studio Movie Grill Food Menu:

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Beautifully Made Flatbread


Fancy A Flatbread With Your Movie?


Perfect Flatbread With Plenty Of Toppings


Can’t Go Wrong With Nachos And A Movie


Ballpark Chicken Nachos Served Up At Studio Movie Grill


One Of The Best Desserts At Studio Movie Grill


Sticks With Ice Cream And Brownies


You Deserve This Delicious Creation


Does Studio Movie Grill (SMG) Menu Change?

It is evident that the range of menu items available in cinemas across various locations remains relatively constant, with few variations.

This indicates that there is a homogeny in cinema offerings which suggests an adherence to uniformity in the provision of such services.

This lack of diversity may be due to a limitation in the scope of operations within each cinema location, limiting the ability to provide more expansive and varied menus.

However, the range of studio movie grill food items available in one cinema location do not differ dramatically from those offered in other locations.

This suggests that the cinema menu is consistent regardless of location, with few variations based on local needs and preferences. A number of factors could explain this similarity.

Food Nutrition Information:

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Allergen Information | Studio Movie Grill Menu:

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In particular, allergen information is often used to denote the presence of specific compounds – such as proteins, glucans and other molecules – that can elicit allergic responses.

Coupons & Discounts

It is not uncommon for the majority of large cinemas in the nation to be lacking in promotional voucher options.

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Moreover, many of these cinemas have extensive and varied concessions menus, allowing patrons to engage in ancillary leisure experiences; thus, consumers are less likely to be seeking additional discounts.

Where Are Studio Movie Grill Cinemas?

About Studio Movie Grill:

Studio Movie Grill Menu Prices (SMG) is a unique theatrical exhibition chain that combines traditional moviegoing with in-theater dining.

The company’s innovative approach to the cinema experience utilizes a specialized model of concession sales, food and beverage service, and event programming within an audiovisual environment designed to enhance the viewing experience.

SMG’s combination of premium sight and sound, a full-service menu, cocktails and friendly service in a movie theatre setting provides the ultimate movie experience.

SMG currently operates locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Georgia with additional locations in development throughout the country.


Seating Available At Studio Movie Grill

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In conclusion, Studio Movie Grill is a great place to get together with friends and family for an enjoyable evening out. The combination of the food, drinks, movies and the atmosphere is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The staff are friendly and committed to making sure that all of their customers have a fantastic time. studio movie grill special is an experience worth trying at least once, and it won’t disappoint.