When you are looking for a movie night out at Vue Cinema, one of the important aspects to consider is what food and drink options they have available, here you found vue food and popcorn prices. Not only do you want to make sure that you have enough snacks to last throughout the movie, but you also want to make sure that your choices fit within your budget.

Here are The Vue Food Prices:

Vue food and drink Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Menu Item Price
Kids Popcorn £2.60
Small Popcorn £5.60
Regular Popcorn £6.00
Large Popcorn £6.50
Walkers Max Strong £3.39
Jacob’s Cracker Crisps £3.39
Sensations £3.39
Deli Crisps £3.39
Doritos £3.39
Hot Food
Nachos (regular) £5.90
Nachos (large) £6.40
Hotdog £5.30
Chocolate Pouch £3.99
Sweet Bag £3.89
Candy Floss £4.79
Water £2.99
Tango Ice Blast (regular) £3.79
Tango Ice Blast (large) £4.29
Soft Drink (small) £2.99
Soft Drink (regular) £3.59
Soft Drink (large) £3.99
Coffee & Nibbles (12oz hot drink and McVities Nibbles) £5.99
Kids Combo (12oz soft drink or water, popcorn, small candy) £3.49
Snack It (reg. milkshake or 22oz soft drink, popcorn, small candy) £4.99

**Please contact your local theater for accurate information

Vue cinema has always been known for its delicious food and snacks. In this article, we are excited to share with you the original menu photo of vue cinema food prices.

Vue Food and Drink Prices Menu | Vue Snack Prices

Here at We Guide You, we provide all the info you need on Vue food and popcorn prices and also found below vue cinema food menu so you can plan ahead for your next visit!

Why is Vue Food and Popcorn price is So Costly?

Going to the movies is always a fun time, especially when you get to enjoy some delicious food from the concession stand. However, when it comes to Cinema, there has been a debate about whether or not Vue food and popcorn prices are too expensive. Vue Cinema’s food and popcorn to determine if it can be considered an expensive indulgence.

It is no secret that going to the cinema can be expensive. Not only do movie tickets add up, but food prices at the concession stands are also high. This issue is particularly noticeable at Vue Cinemas in the UK, where customers often find themselves paying exorbitant amounts for snacks and drinks. However, it appears that this steep pricing is not exclusive to Vue cinemas; a closer look reveals that Odeon cinemas also suffer from high food prices throughout the UK.

Can Bring Your Own Food in Vue?

Going to the movies is always an exciting and enjoyable experience, but sometimes the cost of food at the cinema can be a bit too much. Fortunately, Vue Cinema offers a great solution: allowing you to bring in your own food. This means that it’s possible to save money while still having a great time at the movies. However, there are some restrictions on what food can and cannot be brought into Vue Cinema.

It is important to note that all food and drink items must be non-alcoholic and not hot.


Vue have recently released an official social media screenshot to promote this idea. The screenshot highlights the various benefits of bringing your own snacks and drinks to their cinemas, from saving money to being able to enjoy a wider range of options.

Vue Food and Popcorn Deals:

It’s no secret that going to the movies can be expensive, with tickets and snacks costing a pretty penny. Unfortunately, it looks like Vue Cinema is making things even more difficult for movie-goers. According to recent reports, it’s almost impossible to find legitimate deals for food and vue popcorn prices.

However, if you want to make your movie experience even more enjoyable, why not take it one step further and attempt to get free popcorn?

Vue Cinemas has just the thing for you! They have recently launched a customer survey that takes no longer than five to ten minutes to complete. As an added incentive, customers who finish the survey and purchase a drink when they next visit Vue will receive a free popcorn – what a great bonus! This is an excellent opportunity to give your feedback and get something back in return.

Famous Food at Vue Cinema:

You are correct that popcorn is a popular snack at movie theaters, and it has been a traditional movie theater snack for many years. Popcorn became popular as a movie theater snack in the early 20th century, when it was relatively cheap to produce and purchase. As movie theaters began to proliferate in the 1920s and 1930s, popcorn became a popular snack food for moviegoers, and it has remained so to this day. Popcorn is often considered a classic movie theater snack, and it is widely available at cinemas around the world.

It is true that many movie theaters, including Vue Cinemas and Cineworld, have spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the art of popping and flavoring popcorn. Popcorn is a popular snack at movie theaters around the world, and as such, movie theaters often strive to offer the best quality popcorn to their customers.

This can involve using high-quality kernels, popping the kernels in a specific way to produce a consistent texture and flavor, and offering a variety of flavored popcorns to appeal to different tastes.

While at Vue food and popcorn prices and also drink items at other movie theaters, can be higher than those found elsewhere due to the convenience of the location and the added cost of providing these items at the theater, it is worth noting that the prices at different movie theaters can vary.

Some movie theaters may have higher prices for their food and drink items just like Cineworld Food and Prices than others, so it is always a good idea to check the prices at a particular theater before making a purchase.

Popcorn Calories Information at Vue Cinema:

It is true that movie theater snacks, including popcorn, can be high in calories. Popcorn is a snack food that is often prepared with oil and seasonings, which can contribute to its calorie content. The specific calorie content of popcorn at Vue Cinemas or any other movie theater can vary depending on the size of the serving and the specific ingredients used.


Menu Item Calories
Small Popcorn 233
Regular Popcorn 583
Large Popcorn 767
Regular Nachos (Cheese & Peppers) 428
Large Nachos (Cheese & Peppers) 729
Regular Yankee Hotdog 480
Large Yankee Hotdog 590
Regular Brooklyn Hotdog 532
Large Brooklyn Hotdog 642

In general, it is important to be mindful of the calorie content of the foods and drinks you consume, including those purchased at movie theaters. While it is okay to enjoy these treats on occasion, it is important to balance them with other, healthier foods as part of a well-rounded diet. If you are concerned about the calorie content of movie theater snacks, you may want to consider opting for smaller servings or choosing alternative snacks that are lower in calories.

Are you looking for allergen information to help make informed decisions about your food choices? If so, clicking the link provided. With just one click, you are given access to a comprehensive list of potential allergens found in foods.

About Vue Cinema:

Vue Cinemas is a British multinational cinema chain that operates multiplex cinemas in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, and Taiwan. Vue Cinemas offers a variety of films and events, including new releases, classic movies, live performances, and sports events.

It all began with SBC International Cinemas in 1995, but eventually their story changed when Warner Village Cinemas bought them out in 2002. This acquisition allowed Vue to expand rapidly across the UK and become a major chain within the industry.

They also offer a range of food and beverages for purchase, including popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and other snacks. Vue Cinemas operates over 200 multiplex cinemas with over 2,000 screens in ten countries. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in London, England.

Vue Cinema Official Website and Social Media Platforms:

FAQ’s – Vue Food and Popcorn Prices:

Can I take my own popcorn to Vue?

Vue Cinemas have recently made waves by announcing that customers are allowed to bring their own snacks into the theatre as long as they are not hot, too smelly or alcoholic. This means that bringing along your own bag of popcorn or sweets is totally okay!



Can I take my own food into Vue?

Going to the movies is a great way to unwind and relax, but the expensive vue snack prices and drinks can quickly add up. Fortunately, Vue Cinema has a policy that allows moviegoers to bring their own food into the theater.



How to get free popcorn at Vue Cinema?

Fortunately, Vue Cinema has created a survey program that rewards movie-goers with free popcorn just for sharing their cinema experience. Filling out the survey only takes 15 minutes, so you can get your free popcorn in no time.




Vue Food and Popcorn Prices have been a topic of intense debate. Vue is one of the most popular movie theater chains, and their prices are often higher than that of their competitors. However, Vue offers superior customer service, comfortable seating and an overall enjoyable experience for movie-goers. Despite its higher prices, many people still consider Vue to be a great value for the money when compared to other theater chains.