Harkins Theatres is one of the most popular movie theater chains in the United States. With its many locations and luxurious amenities, Harkins offers an exceptional movie-going experience.

However, one of the largest costs associated with going to the movies is the snack bar prices — particularly Harkins Popcorn prices and other food items prices. This article will explore how much it costs to purchase snacks at Harkins, as well as discuss how these prices compare with other movie theater chains.

Here are The Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices 2023:

Harkins Popcorn Prices and Food Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Menu Item Price
Small Popcorn $6.45
Medium Popcorn $7.45
Large Popcorn $8.45
Extra-Large Popcorn $8.95
Premium Popcorn $7.95
Hot Foods
Margherita Flatbread $7.50
Pepperoni Flatbread $8.00
Ultimate Hot Dog $6.45
Classic Hot Dog $6.45
Mini Corn Dogs $6.45
White Castle $5.50
Big Screen Burger (burger only) $8.00
Big Screen Burger with Fries $11.00
Big Screen Burger Combo $13.00
Nachos Grande $7.95
Churros $5.95
Pretzel $6.45
Popcorn Chicken $5.95
French Fries $5.50
Cheese Sticks $5.75
Roasted Nuts $5.45
Ice Cream $5.00
Moon Cheese $6.00
Pickle Cutz $3.45
Hummus & Pita $7.75
Smoked Gouda & Salami $8.00
Small $3.25
Medium $4.25
Large $4.95
Extra Large $5.55
Kids Combos
Standard Kids Combo $6.25
Kids Icee Combo $6.75
Honest Kids Juice Combo $6.75
Small Drink $5.50
Medium Drink $6.00
Large Drink $6.50
Extra Large Drink $7.00
Loyalty Cup $6.50
Loyalty Cup Refill $1.50
Special Drinks
Bottled Water $5.00
Perrier $5.55
Honest Kids $2.50
Monster Energy $5.45
Vitamin Water $5.45
Dunkin Donuts Coffee $5.45
Small Icee $5.75
Large Icee $6.50

**Please contact your local theater for accurate information

Here are The Harkins Popcorn & Food Prices 2023:

Harkins Popcorn Prices and Food Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Photos of The Harkins Popcorn Menu

Here are some photos of Harkins Popcorn Menu and Other Food Menu:

Hot Foods at Harkins

Drinks at Harkins

Popcorn at Harkins

What are the Popular Snacks at Harkin’s:

Harkin’s Most Popular Snacks has made a significant mark in the snack world with their renowned popcorn, which has received much acclaim for its exceptional quality.

In particular, this palatable product has been recognized through the awarding of accolades, signifying its superiority over competitors in terms of flavor and texture.

Such accolades serve to reinforce Harkin’s as an industry leader in providing savory snacks. In order to be successful in the snack industry, it is important for Harkin’s to offer a product that provides superior quality and taste above all other competitors.

One of the most popular snacks offered by Harkin’s is their popcorn.

Do The Prices Change at Harkins Cinema?

Variations in cinema-to-cinema experiences are to be expected as a result of the multifarious distinctions in the individualized configurations of each particular venue.

This includes both tangible differences, such as the quality or type of projection available, and intangible factors, such as audience composition and atmosphere. Such small changes may not be discernible on a macro level, but can still have an effect on one’s overall perceptual experience when viewing a movie.

Popcorn Calories at Harkins?

Harkins Popcorn Calories are a pertinent consideration for individuals interested in maintaining healthy nutrition practices.

Caloric intake is an important factor when attempting to maintain a desired weight and should be accounted for in any dietary regimen. Harkins Popcorn, as with other snack items, provides a high caloric content and should be taken into account when evaluating one’s daily caloric allotment.

Popcorn Type Calories
Small Popcorn 290
Medium Popcorn 550
Large Popcorn 840
Extra Large Popcorn 1100
Caramel Popcorn 120
Cheddar Popcorn 160

This information is taken directly from Harkins nutritional guide, Click Here

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Is Harkins Popcorn Vegan?

Harkins popcorn is 100% vegan, meaning that it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. This is in line with an ever-growing trend of consumers wanting to support companies that are mindful of their environmental and ethical footprint, and this company has met those demands by providing a food product that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.



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Harkins Popcorn Perks Rewards Program



About Harkins

Dwight Harkins’ establishment of Harkins in 1933 was a seminal moment in the history of cinema.

Not only did it mark the emergence of one of the most prominent motion picture exhibition companies, but it also signaled the development of an enduring cultural phenomenon.

By leveraging innovative business practices and cutting-edge technology, Harkins created an iconic multi-theatre chain that has become synonymous with cinematic entertainment on a global scale.

Harkins’ unique approach to exhibition and its strong commitment to the community have allowed it to weather the changes and challenges of a changing industry over the past 80 years.

One Of The First Harkins Theaters In Tempe (source)



Where Are Harkins Theaters?

Harkins Theaters are a chain of cinemas existing in multiple locations throughout the United States.

Primarily situated within the southwestern portion of the country, this conglomerate has expanded its reach to include venues in other regions.

With headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the presence of Harkins Theaters can be found across nine states including California, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas.

Here are all the Harkins locations:


In conclusion, it is clear that Harkins Popcorn and food prices are quite high compared to other movie theater chains. For those looking to enjoy a big screen experience without breaking the bank, there are other options available. Customers should do their research to compare prices before going out to the movies. Additionally, patrons can save money by avoiding the snack counter altogether and instead bringing in their own food from home.